Shadows of Souls

 by Allan W. Azouz

Shadows of Souls by Allan W. Azouz book cover
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A mother and daughter's mutual hatred draws an evil force into their home - disembodied, troubled souls waging a battle that unleashes an unstoppable power, hell bent on destroying everyone who gets in its way...

Misery haunted Victoria Kayen, trapped in a dark, depressing world with her wheelchair-bound mother, Edith. She dutifully delivered medications, served meals, and cleaned up after the weekly visits from her mother's crony friends. Victoria's only escape was found in the pages of cheap romance novels.

The confining house that stifled her life evolved and took on a life of its own with strange creaks and crying noises. Then the shadowy figure of a man appeared, watching from every dark corner. As if that wasn't bad enough, the rat population in the area exploded and they constantly scratched at the walls, trying to get in.

Victoria made a bold decision one evening - to venture out to a bar and experience life as a normal woman. That's where she came face to face with her destiny, the shadowy figure that had stalked her, this time appearing in the form of a corporeal man possessed by two souls. One, a pious Reverend preaching hellfire and damnation on the street corner by day, the other, a passionate individual named Clay who enjoyed the pleasures of the earth by night.

Her clandestine relationship with Clay fueled the dueling souls' war, and also spawned the Reverend's worst nightmare - an unspeakable evil - a thing both determined to destroy and impossible to fight...


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