Slayer of Souls

 by Robert W. Chambers

Slayer of Souls by Robert W. Chambers book cover
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Did She Come To Save The U.S. Or Destroy It? The thrilling romantic fantasy of one brave woman against the forces of Evil. In 1920, an American-born girl, Tressa Norne, has escaped from years of bondage in the Temple of Erlik, center of a worldwide organization of murderous black magicians, made up of Yezidees and Hassani. The Yezidees worship Erlik, a devil-god of Central Asia. Trained in all the black arts of the Yezidees, Tressa races to America to warn the government of a deadly plot against it. Not far behind her is the Slayer of Souls, black magician and master of mystic assassination, bent on recapturing Tressa and destroying America. Rescued from Yezidee vengeance by Victor Cleves, a U.S. secret agent, Tressa falls in love and finds the courage to set her magic powers to counteract those of the awesome Slayer of Souls. One amazing magical battle after another ensues, as Tressa duels the black magicians who are trying to destroy her native country. Will White Magic triumph over Black? Will Tressa succumb to the Slayer of Souls or become him? E.F. Bleiler said that "The Slayer of Souls ... is a real thriller with many memorable scenes."


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