A Puppy's Tale - His Great Adventures

 by Jane Nygard

A Puppy's Tale - His Great Adventures by Jane Nygard book cover
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A Puppy's Tale is an entertaining, heartwarming story about a runaway puppy and his many adventures as he searches for home and family. The inspiration for this story was my real-life, brave little pound puppy named Teddy. His appearance, courage, loving heart, and amusing antics are all captured in this book. Teddy's story, as well as the individual stories of other animals I have known and loved, are woven together to create A Puppy's Tale. This story was written primarily from a dog's perspective but portrays common needs and feelings in us all, whether human or animal. Home, family, kindness, courage, belonging, and acceptance are strong themes in A Puppy's Tale. This is a feel-good book that offers a timeless, often humorous look at life and what is truly meaningful. (120 pages and 39 illustrations)


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