Globetrotting Pets

 by David J. Forsythe MD

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Wouldn't you rather have your pet with you rather than leave it at home with a pet sitter or in a kennel? This book will help you discover that taking your pet with you to faraway places is easier than you may think. Many countries welcome pets and over 2 million people travel internationally with their pets each year. This book will help you to:

Prepare to take your pet along.

Understand the various entry requirements of the world's countries.

Make contact with tourist offices and embassies worldwide.

Understand the pros and cons of traveling with your pet.

Use the various Internet resources to plan your trip.

Discover a totally different way to enjoy traveling.

Transform your pet into a "Globetrotting Pet." " Dr. Forsythe's labors have now made it easier for the rest of us travelers; we can continue to enjoy our pets as we see the world."
"A most valuable reference for Veterinarians with 'Globetrotting' clients." Rodney S. Graves, D.V.M. Jensen Beach, FL

"GLOBETROTTING PETS is the savvy outcome of physician Dr. Forsythe's acute observations and experiences over the years of traveling with his dogs." Harold M. Zweighaft, D. V. M., New York, NY.

Dr. Forsythe has traveled internationally for many years and understands the diverse requirements of various countries. In this book, he presents insights regarding international travel with pets. The travel and pet industries applaud his contribution this important book makes.

This best-selling book has shown thousands of travelers how to simplify "taking your pet."

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