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eBooks written by Authors whose last name begins with the letter K.

A Lover's Cocktail

A Lover's Cocktail book cover

Another superb volume of poetry from Emma Keatley. Sensous - Erotic - and enough to make you long to have your lover near. Here is what Emma says about poetry and what is should be...


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Adam Tremayne's A Sensual Seduction - Vol. 1

Adam Tremayne's A Sensual Seduction - Vol. 1 book cover

The tall, dark, handsome poet that haunts the hearts of many a woman finds his voice in the romantic, often erotic, and sometimes edgy poetry that is the hallmark of the exciting new...


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Abstract Love

Abstract Love book cover

Abstract Love is imaginary only, as you will not find it amongst us. We are all trying to express our love in the ways we feel it, but nobody does it in the way we never experienced it.


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Price: £2.99