ABC Warriors 2: Rage Against The Machines

 by Mike Wild

ABC Warriors 2: Rage Against The Machines by Mike Wild book cover
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RRP: £4.38

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War is a dirty job - too dirty for humans!

The ABC Warriors - hard-drinking robotic soldiers designed for combat in the worst Atomic, Bacterial and Chemical theatres of war. They are a tough fighting force that has slipped into legend. Led by the fearless Sergeant Hammerstein, the elite unit of warriors carry out the worst suicide missions available.

When the tide of war turns against them on the Martian battlefield and all hope of victory slips away, the ABC Warriors are forced to disband their unit. They must go separate ways in a final, desperate attempt to save mankind from the alien terror.

High-octane SF action with the best fighting force in the universe! Also available in the series: The Medusa War.


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