A Worm in Eden

 by W. Richard St. James

A Worm in Eden by W. Richard St. James book cover
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What would happen in the future if we discover we are alone? Wouldn't we decide that it is our destiny to seed the universe? Wouldn't we risk everything to send out those Seeds, to fill a galaxy with life? What if we were wrong? What would happen then?

What would happen if one of those Seeds went astray, far out into intergalactic space? If it lay dormant for a thousand years while the rest of the world came out to meet it? If its children grew up thinking they were alone, so very alone? What would happen as they began to reach maturity, as they struggled to understand what it means to be human? What would happen as they begin to tear away a web of lies to discover their purpose? What would happen if they had to escape, and their bodies were the only currency they could exchange for survival?

The answers are funny, shocking, and very, very sexy. Join Sarah and Noah on a voyage of discovery that will startle and delight you.


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