Accidental Encounter

 by Noel Carroll

Accidental Encounter by Noel Carroll book cover
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Unwilling participants in a double-edged nightmare.

An extraterrestrial mistake, a controlled space warp left open a fraction too long, a Wyoming hiker unknowingly walks into another world. His surprised and reluctant hosts not only have him to contend with, but they must also head off a potential disaster on earth as his lover pushes local authorities into a desperate search.

Alone on a hike in the Wyoming wilderness, Mark Carter is injected into another world, surprising alien scientists at the other end. While awaiting a decision on what to do with him, they introduce Mark to an "experience-sharing" machine, a form of virtual reality that captures snatches of alien life then permits others to live them as if first hand. Unknown to the aliens, however, the process stimulates Mark's mind, and he learns to communicate mentally, manipulate objects remotely, even rearrange his DNA to imitate other creatures.

Mark's lover, thinking Mark is lost, travels to Wyoming and there goads the authorities into a search. Because the aliens are simultaneously attempting to learn about Mark's life on Earth, her involvement steadily deepens.


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