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What if affordable safe space travel was available tomorrow?

New Zealand writer and poet Peter Tashkoff started off with that thought when he set about crafting Arapeta . It tells the story of a young man, set in the distant future where the environs of space have been settled, not by some homogenous mass of humanity, but by cultural and religious groups in all their guises.

In such a milieu, Tashkoff wondered what would be the impact on a small backwater culture when it was discovered that their planet contained quantities of the most strategically important mineral in the cosmos, a mineral essential to the operation of the interstellar economy, and for the neighboring superpowers, more importantly, to their war machine.

The book follows Arapeta, from the first frenzied encounters with opportunistic off-world raiders, through the advent of colossal forces entirely beyond his comprehension or that of his people, and climaxing in a conclusion that is as poignant as it is unavoidable.

Tashkoff tells the story from the shifting points of view of the main protagonists, providing an intriguing insight into their motivations and constraints and enriching the story with additional depth and interest.


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