by Paul Lucas

Creatura by Paul Lucas book cover
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Part human. Part animal. These are the genetically-engineered races of the Creatura , the only survivors of a global pandemic, who slowly try to rebuild a world left empty and devastated by the death of the human race three hundred years before. Shana Feles, a scrappy Felinoid relic hunter, just wanted to finish the mission to the Buffalo ruins, collect her money, and maybe snuggle up to that cute medic Twilight. But then she and her friends stumble across an ancient secret dating from before the Pandemic. A secret some of her fellow Creatura will do anything--and kill anyone--to gain for themselves. In a perilous quest across a new American frontier, Shana's small band of outcasts try to stay one step ahead of a murderous conspiracy to discover the last great secret of their creators--a secret that may threaten all Shana holds dear...


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