Cyclopean Rescue

 by Steven Douglas Womack

Cyclopean Rescue by Steven Douglas Womack book cover
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Fathers and sons...Friends and lovers...Revenge and redemption...
It is the year 2218, ten years after alien invaders have devastated much of the world and left the survivors recovering from fear and destruction. James Poole, the son of a famous military hero, gets his chance to hunt down the aliens and avenge his father's death at their hands. With Earth's most sophisticated warship and a secret new living computer, he flies into space burning with revenge, a powerful enemy waiting just beyond. With hatred his fuel, will his revenge be sweet, or can he find a Cyclopean Rescue?

Dream Realm Award Winner Science Fiction Runnerup Book Of The Year

Love Romances Reviewer's Choice Golden Rose Award Winner

Preditors And Editors 2005 Readers Poll, Top Ten Best Science Fiction Novel


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