Exile's Among the Stars: Exile Series Book 1

 by Nina Osier

Exile's Among the Stars: Exile Series Book 1 by Nina Osier book cover
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RRP: £4.34

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Long after all humans flee war-ravaged, poisoned Earth to live elsewhere in the galaxy, patrol ship cadets Nadia McLean, Alan Robie, and Anders Valeria complete their last assignment together. When Nadia chooses Anders to be her husband, now that their military hitch is over and she's free to respond to his courtship, Alan reacts by launching a quest for vengeance that will last for the rest of all three comrades' lives. Author's note: this novella is a prequel to Exile's End.

"...her character building and world building style reminds me of the old space operas, the stuff that made sci-fi great." - Carl Rafala, author of the science fiction short story collection Wildflower.


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