Telepaths of Theon - Sarah's Landing II

 by Elena Dorothy Bowman

Telepaths of Theon - Sarah's Landing II by Elena Dorothy Bowman book cover
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Torn by the plight of the people of the Planet Theon, his love for one of their daughters, and his alien son, the Earthling, Joshua, tries to re-evaluate his dedication to his first love. His loyalty to the Theonians is questioned, endangering the lives of his Earth family. In his attempt to resolve his problem, he teleports to Earth seeking to inform his Earth love of the decision he must make for her safety as well as the safety of their son.
Traveling through space between Earth and Theon he is unaware of the pull towards the dark planet Crillion until an internal alarm alerts him that the Barbarians are trying to divert his trajectory and bring him within their grasp.


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