The Faces of Immortality

 by Everett Coles

The Faces of Immortality by Everett Coles book cover
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Meet Gyle Meredon, a freelance police investigator whose young daughter is abducted. In the mayhem that follows his identity is deleted, his financial affairs are erased.

Who is the perpetrator, the master criminals of the Arcady Cluster have been eliminated, who else is clever enough to reduce a wealthy man to poverty at a stroke?

Meredon must trace his daughter across the Cluster - the human settled worlds - and beyond, to the worlds Outside the Pale of Civilisation, rough, unfinished worlds, where might is right and who cares for those of no consequence? Whom can he trust? Who knows what happened to his daughter or why? Which world does the mysterious KZ come from and who is selling Immortality?

A sequel to this book featuring the same larger than life hero is also available... "To Rule the Universe"


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