The Hotel Galileo

 by Lee Moan

The Hotel Galileo by Lee Moan book cover
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Welcome To The Hotel Galileo

It's the Roaring Twenties. Humanity has ventured out into the stars, and out there, on the shoulder of Orion, sits Earth's crowning achievement -- the awesome steam-powered space palace known as the Hotel Galileo.

Returning to Earth after a long vacation, retired detective Barclay Heath decides to stop at the famed space hotel for one night only. But Heath soon discovers dark forces are at work--before the night is over an Arcturan dignitary is found murdered in his bed.

With the future of Earth hanging in the balance, only the keen mind of Barclay Heath can see through the tangled web of lies and subterfuge spun by the chief suspects. Only he can unravel the mystery that lies at the heart of the Hotel Galileo.

"Lee Moan brings a fresh voice to the emerging proto-historical science fiction aesthetic. The Hotel Galileo is well-plotted, fast-paced. A Roaring Twenties-style mystery set aboard a space liner, which will leave you wondering 'Whodunit' the moment you crack open the pages." --- Lawrence Dagstine, Author, FRESH BLOOD (Sam's Dot Publishing)

"At its heart I would say this story is Sherlock Holmes meets Star Trek meets 28 Days Later. That's a mix that would be easy to do poorly, but Lee Moan doesn't, he balances all the different aspects of the tale with skill and art and conjures up a story that is sure to delight." --- Rhonda Parrish, editor of Niteblade Magazine


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