Arrowhead: The Afterblight Chronicles #5

 by Paul Kane

Arrowhead: The Afterblight Chronicles #5 by Paul Kane book cover
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As the world dies screaming a legend is reborn!

In the years following The Cull, England has reverted back to the Middle Ages, ripe for invasion by the Frenchman De Falaise and his group of mercenaries. They enter through the Channel Tunnel and work their way up the country. Ex-policeman Robert Stokes lost everything to the virus that ravaged these isles. Along with his wife and his son, it took Robert's whole reason for living. Retreating into the woods and forests near Nottingham, he has become a hunter, living off the land and avoiding any form of human contact -until now. Pockets of survivors are attempting to build up small communities in the region, bartering at makeshift markets and forming tentative connections. But when De Falaise arrives at Nottingham - proclaiming himself the new 'Sheriff' - Robert finds himself drawn reluctantly into the fight, using the famous legend of a Hooded Man as his guide!

The Afterblight Chronicles is an exciting series of high action post-apocalypse fiction set in a world ruled by crazed gangs and strange cults.


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