The Earth in Peril

 by Sean Brandywine

The Earth in Peril by Sean Brandywine book cover
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It was much like a 1950s science fiction movie; flying saucers landing on the White House lawn and aliens saying "take me to your leader." But it was not a movie, and the twelve mile in diameter mother ship hanging over the United States could easily be seen by everyone.

There were two kinds of aliens, one looking very much like humans. The other looked like a walking, hissing lizard that would have been right at home in that movie. They marched in, told the President that they come in peace, and marched out with one of his staff, a very pretty young woman named Sharon Martin. She disappeared into the saucer and that was the last heard of her.

The aliens proved very hard to talk with, unresponsive and positively suspicious acting. All they wanted, so they said, was a small bit of New Mexico desert for a base from which to learn more about us and our world. But nothing was heard from Sharon for days. When other people began to disappear, the President knew he had a real problem on his hands.


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