The Omega Tribe Book 1

 by H. Paul Guerra

The Omega Tribe Book 1 by H. Paul Guerra book cover
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Dr. Wilcoxen is a physician turned CIA agent and government cleric, a highly trained investigator and enforcer of "compliance" in a futuristic America now controlled by the one world government of The United Nations Alliance (UNA). It is a world in the year 2033 that has a few holdout nations attempting to remain free of the totalitarian grip of UNA, yet still under the spellbinding influence of an all powerful computer named OMNI.

Dr. Wilcoxen, the wife of a younger FBI agent also turned government cleric, discovers that a former nemesis named Dr. Roger Zurnow, a geneticist and trauma surgeon is still secretly alive after feigning his death. This mad scientist they believed was jailed and left for dead near Mount Rushmore has reemerged as a scourge to the human race with the highly clandestine recreation of his own human cloning empire, HELIX.

While on a romantic getaway, the couple discovers the shocking death of an Argentinean monk and close friend by a dark couple working for HELIX leading them to more hair raising discoveries of the secret introduction of human clones into society and a bold plan to wipe out the human race and replace it with HELIX clones. Dr. Wilcoxen finds herself in both a heart-pounding race against time to find answers to halt this mad scientist and a dizzying flee for her own life and those of her loved ones.

Even more unexpectedly, she finds herself coming face-to-face with the daunting reason for her close friend's barbaric slaughter, the discovery of a mysterious relic near the ruins of Machu Picchu, an object that holds the key to the ultimate survival of the human race......

The Omega Tribe is a thriller read that eloquently explores the connection between what we easily see and understand and the difficult to conceptualize unexplored realm of our universe and beyond.


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