The Omega Tribe Book II

 by H. Paul Guerra

The Omega Tribe Book II by H. Paul Guerra book cover
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The Dr. Wilcoxen saga continues as she and her fleeing tribe come to grips with the knowledge that Earth is about to face a colossal cataclysmic event that no living soul can stop. This heroic doctor now turned fugitive UNA cleric makes a series of nail biting decisions in her final attempt to save her loved ones from the death grip of her nemesis, Dr. Roger Zurnow as the world comes to its realization of its final hours.

As the world's civilizations lay on the brink of total vaporization, Dr. Wilcoxen discovers her true calling, a fearless leader of a small group of humankind's last hope, the ones selected to escape the descending dark shroud of man's ultimate fate in a most unexpected way, and the ones chosen by fate to one day return to the killing fields of man's final resting place and reclaim Earth from Zurnow's HELIX human cloned empire.

The final chapters promise to keep you on the edge of your seat and your eyes watering in what will surely make one appreciate true heroism and the preciousness of human life.


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