The World Ends In Hickory Hollow

 by Ardath Mayhar

The World Ends In Hickory Hollow by Ardath Mayhar book cover
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The Nebula Recommendee Novel! When civilization comes to an end, life struggles on in remote Hickory Hollow, Texas. The electricity may have failed, but Zack, Jim, Sukie, Mom Allie, Carl, Carol, Sim, Elmond, Grace and the others simply go on by torch and candle light. If radio and television are gone, they entertain themselves with yarns, music, dances. But there are two serpents in this new Eden: their own human nature and the murderous Unger clan that lives just beyond the hollow. Here is a epic of the human spirit that only the author of Warlock's Gift, Soul-Singer of Tyrnos, and The Black Tower could have written. Ardath Mayhar has won and been nominated for nearly two dozen awards within and without the science fiction field.


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