Cure Complex

 by Ed Murphy

Cure Complex by Ed Murphy book cover
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When she called him a savior he actually began to comprehend what he had accomplished. By any measure he wasn't a savior in the sense she meant it. But she was dying and any hope was worth hanging on to. As events unfold the fragile existence of man is threatened by his own creation. Through it all, one man seeks to find the ultimate solution for mankind's ills. What he uncovers is so shocking and powerful it leads to world changing events unfolding in the White House and the Vatican - from space to the ocean depths. Cure Complex is what we all dream the end it's the ultimate nightmare. Before long mankind will embark on a horrifying journey leading half way between salvation and damnation. No one will escape. In a time of hope...In a world of change...fear and courage, love and hate, trust and deceit battle for mankind's ultimate dream. A new beginning...


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