by Barry Tomkins

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Welcome to the City of Deem, one of the few safe and comfortable places on earth, where a dome will keep you warm and dry, all the energy you could want is on tap, and food is plentiful. There are few rules, and few who want them. But someone hates Deem, and will stop at nothing to destroy it. Orlando Mott, poet and ex-teacher, whose mother has been killed in a bombing, wants desperately to find the terrorist behind her death. He will place his comfortable life in extreme jeopardy as he investigates the least likely suspect - Spright Mass, feminist entrepreneur, rags-to-riches CEO of Living Light, Deem's favorite icon of hyper-modernity. But as Orlando begins to solve the identity of the bomber, he discovers connections between the bombings and other changes in Deem, connections that will lead him to consider a much larger mystery.


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