by Trent Kinsey

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The suspenseful tale of three students and one teacher trapped in one second of time, only to find out that something is there with them. Something no one has ever seen before with an appetite none of them want to bear witness to.


As he walked around the back of the gym and passed the front entrance, Mark could see the little fat kid he loved to mess with running for his life. He wanted to laugh because George was nude as the day he was born and his fat body was gyrating and jiggling all over the place. Before he could muster the air for a laugh, his eyes pulled in the image of what was chasing him. The only thing Mark could think was, "This is the fear those people in the movies must feel when they piss themselves." He was glad he had relieved himself earlier.

His attention caught movement to his right. On instinct he turned and raised his fists, ready to fight, only to see one of the hottest girls in school run the other way. He didn't blame her. He wanted to run away at the sight of the thing chasing George, too.
Two options crossed his mind: run and help the gyrating blob, or protect the hottie. Being the man of strong morals he was, he chased after the girl.


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