Strife of the Lorin

 by Stephen Prins

Strife of the Lorin by Stephen Prins book cover
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Grendor, a member of the ancient and gifted race of the Lorin, is warned in a dream of the evil designs of Zoroth, the most powerful of his kin. Four humans with unique abilities must be found to aid him in thwarting Zoroth and his demonic army before Zoroth can compel all men to worship him.

Marek, Prince of Rodam, is forced to flee when Zoroth usurps the throne, and he too lays plans to halt Zoroth's progress. Grendor and his companions face otherworldly beasts, deadly powers, peril, duplicity, and emotional turmoil, but through it all, they forge a bond and become true friends who will stand valiantly for peace and justice.


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