Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow

 by Cory Panshin and Alexei Panshin

Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow by Cory Panshin and Alexei Panshin book cover
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An excellent companion to Alexei Panshin's novels, Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow collects twelve of his best stories, the last a novella written in collaboration with his wife, Cory. From the universe of the Nebula Award-winning Rite of Passage, where the hegemony of advanced ships over primitive worlds engenders complex moral dilemmas, to the first manned exploration of Neptune, to the interstellar quest of a fair lady and a noble beastman to find a home, these engaging fantasies turn the idea of SF as escape on its head, dramatizing how technology may give new expression to empathy and self-sacrifice but never replace them. In the afterword from which the collection takes its title, and which the Panshins updated in 2001, they sum up the vision that makes science fiction relevant and important to us all.


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