A Choice of Treasons

 by J. L. Doty

A Choice of Treasons by J. L. Doty book cover
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York Ballin is an officer in His Majesty's Navy, fighting in an interstellar war that has raged for generations. He's a lifer, one of those rare individuals destined for never-ending combat, whose only hope at an honorable discharge is the grave. When Directorate forces launch a massive naval assault on the remote planet Trinivan, York and a dubious mix of imperial military personnel commandeer the heavy cruiser Cinnestar to evacuate the empress from the imperial embassy. But Cinnestar has no crew because she was parked in orbit undergoing a full refitting, so the ranking naval officer, an incompetent nobleman, takes command. Forced to flee deep into enemy territory, hunted by ships on both sides with shoot-on-sight orders, undermanned and commanded by officers with no real experience, with spies and assassins operating among them, York may be the only person capable of saving them all, perhaps even ending the war. But if he decides to make the attempt, his options are limited to a choice of treasons.


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