Spinward Fringe Triton

 by Randolph Lalonde

Spinward Fringe Triton by Randolph Lalonde book cover
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RRP: £6.59

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Captain Valance has taken the Triton to the Enreega System. The Samson crew man the massive Sol Defense vessel with the help of deserters and are soon joined by recently displaced refugees. Though they may have taken possession of the mighty ship, the battle to keep and tame her is only beginning. She's filled with surprises and secrets.

While the Samson crew and their new allies fight for control over their new ship, the Fourth Fall Of Mankind is beginning. Billions of lives will irrevocably change and those who managed to find a reprieve will have to choose a side in a war few are given the opportunity to comprehend.

This is the third book in the Spinward Fringe series, continuing the adventures of characters first introduced in the First Light Chronicles Omnibus.


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