Starfree Port: First Light Chronicles Book 3

 by Randolph Lalonde

Starfree Port: First Light Chronicles Book 3 by Randolph Lalonde book cover
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The crew of the First Light enjoy the first safe harbor since they departed Freeground. While repairs are under way some of the crew get a chance to know each other better, including Captain Jonas Valent and Commander Ayan Rice. Meanwhile, the consequences of the First Light's meddlesome interference with the Vindyne are starting to become apparent. The crew and ship are being actively sought after by bounty hunters, Vindyne allies and other, hidden dangers lurk just out of sight. With enemies circling and other problems surfacing they are called on to continue their mission using unexpected methods. A new ally, Captain Wheeler, who was given a similar mission to the First Light over thirty years ago is assigned to aid them in their next mission. With as many new problems as advantages, the First Light crew are faced with their most daunting challenge yet; to balance their personal desires with the requirements of their mission


This is the third part of the First Light Chronicles Series, the others being Freeground and Limbo, and is also included in the First Light Chronicles Omnibus. It is followed by the Spinward Fringe Series.


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