Judge Dredd #3: Black Atlantic

 by Simon Jowett and Peter J Evans

Judge Dredd #3: Black Atlantic by Simon Jowett and Peter J Evans book cover
Price: £4.19
RRP: £4.65

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Hot on the trail of a cargo of illegal bio-weapons, Judge Dredd boards the Cityship Sargasso, a vast agglomeration of ancient toxic waste tankers loaded with refugees from warzones around the world. It is also home to large populations of mutants and scavengers, so when the law comes on board, Dredd finds himself as a most unwelcome guest.

But when one of the bio-weapons is released from stasis, Dredd must stop it before it sets about fulfilling its single pre-programmed function: to destroy everything in its path.

All-new stories from the future-shocked worlds of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic - 2000 AD! Check out the other books in this series.


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