Judge Dredd #7: Swine Fever

 by Andrew Cartmel

Judge Dredd #7: Swine Fever by Andrew Cartmel book cover
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RRP: £4.65

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Judge Dredd prepares for his weirdest case yet! In the mad futuristic Mega-City One, pork has been banned in the face of super-intelligent pigs demanding equal rights. Yet someone is still making bacon and it's up to Dredd to find out who, before his new partner is turned into sausages!

Action, thrills and dark humour abound in this exciting Judge Dredd novel, when the citizens of Mega-City One realise that all those tasty rashers and pork chops are going to get their revenge!

All-new stories from the future-shocked worlds of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic - 2000 AD! Check out the other books in this series.


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