Across Time

 by Rayne Forrest

Across Time by Rayne Forrest book cover
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Corri Dunn's mission to distant Adhara VII begins on a downhill slide. Not only have her superiors withheld vital information, her ex-lover, Devin Tremaine, knows what it is. Corri must face Devin, and what happened five years ago, or lose her command. Confronting the truth means facing the fact she still loves Devin. She wants him back in her life, and her bed, but she has to survive this mission first.

Devin Tremaine made one big mistake in his life - he lost the love of his life when she needed his understanding and he couldn't give it. Now they're both at Adhara VII, caught in a web of deceit - and renewed passion. Corri's been sent into a trap and he's the only one who can save her.

Led by Corri's dreams of the mysterious Ori-Arkee, a powerful mystic who can reach through time and space, they race against time to discover hidden truths. But Time has a few tricks up her sleeve. The secrets of Adhara VII unlock their past, present and future, a future that is quickly unraveling unless Corri and Devin take a leap of faith - across time.


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