Future Tense

 by Frank Almond

Future Tense by Frank Almond book cover
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Future Tense is the sequel to Tempus Fugit . It picks up exactly where the first book leaves off. Sloane now finds himself reunited with his girlfriend, Emma, at Duckworth Hall. It should be a time for love and celebration, but our hero's hopes are soon dashed when he's devastated to find that Emma is obsessed with a mysterious stranger, one of the Duck's houseguests. Things rapidly go from bad to worse when he discovers the Duck's other houseguests - in the attic!

As usual, the Duck's machinations are unfathomable to mere mortals. Those puritanical fascists, Corrective Measures, are still in hot pursuit, only this time they're meaner - their snatch squads now blow up time fugitives homes and pack them off to the Castle, a sinister prison lost in the deep freeze of time, from which no time traveler has ever returned. Is Sloane destined to spend the rest of his days on the frozen prison island? Always expect the unexpected in the wacky world of FUTURE TENSE .


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