by Patricia Uletilovic

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Jack and Phoebe's father, Henry is an inventor. Henry's latest invention is a time machine. Jack and Phoebe discover that their father's invention is causing rifts, and loops in time, when two different eras collide, and that this will eventually lead to the destruction of the fabric of time. The only way that Jack and his sister can prevent this from happening is to follow their father back to the past, return him to the present, and persuade him not to use the time machine again. So begins Jack and Phoebe's adventures across the decades and centuries, as they journey first to the 1940's and wartime Britain, then back to Elizabethan England, and finally to the year 2152. On their journey through time, they are helped by Professor McFardon, an eccentric scientist. Time Quake is a science fiction story aimed at the upto fourteen age group.


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