151 Quick Ideas to Manage Your Time

 by Robert E. Dittmer

151 Quick Ideas to Manage Your Time by Robert E. Dittmer book cover
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You live your life squeezing too many activities and responsibilities into too few time slots. Managing this schedule has become an all-consuming chore. And you're so stressed that your relationships and job performance suffer. Why? Because you organize your time poorly: You spend five years of your life waiting in lines, three years in meetings, and two years playing telephone tag! You get interrupted 73 times a day, interfering with your productivity, and take an hour of work home every night, reducing the time with the people you love. But you can solve these problems. This book presents 151 quick and easy ways to do so. Each idea comes from real world experiences of people like you - people who are discovering unique solutions to the time crunch we all face every day.


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