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Here's some useful information about the free Stanza ebook reader.

Introducing Stanza Desktop - A revolution in reading eBooks on your Mac or Windows PC and sharing with your iPhone, iPod Touch, & Kindle.

Stanza Desktop

Free Stanza Desktop Reader

Featuring a clean, well-organized interface, Stanza Desktop is expressly designed for reading digital publications, including electronic books, newspapers, PDFs, and general web content. Stanza Desktop is built from the ground up to make reading on your Macintosh or Windows laptop or desktop an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. It gives special attention to details that are usually overlooked in other software readers such as hyphenation, text columnation, automatic text scrolling, and user-friendly page and chapter navigation. Lengthy content that can be tedious to read using a web browser or PDF viewer is easy and natural with Stanza Desktop.

Stanza Desktop features built-in support for HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, and Rich Text Format reading, as well as all the major eBook standards: unprotected Amazon Kindle and Mobipocket, Microsoft LIT, Palm doc, and the International Digital Publishing Forum's new epub Open eBook standard. In addition to supporting a plethora of formats, Stanza Desktop features an open API that allows developers to implement support for their own document formats. Stanza Desktop is more than just a reader: it is a reading platform!

Stanza iPhone/iPod Touch

Free Stanza Reader for iPhone

Reading on a bulky desktop or on a laptop with limited battery life is not for everyone. That's why Stanza Desktop features the ability to export your reading material to a wide array of formats that can be read on your mobile device. Our native iPhone/iPod Touch Stanza application (available for free from the Apple App Store) can share books with Stanza Desktop wirelessly, so you can take your books on the road and read them wirelessly - no internet connection required!

Mobipocket format works beautifully.

Stanza On Other Mobile Phones

Stanza Desktop can also export to MobiPocket, enabling you to use the popular MobiPocket Reader to read your exported book on your Blackberry, PocketPC, Palm OS, Nokia Series 60, Sony Ericsson UIQ, and many other mobile devices. You no longer need to carry a large stack of books with you on your summer vacation. Just load up your phone or mobile device with months of reading, and enjoy a lightweight summer of reading bliss!

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