Adam's Point - Book III of the Legacy Series

 by Elena Dorothy Bowman

Adam's Point - Book III of the Legacy Series by Elena Dorothy Bowman book cover
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The strange spirits who, without rhyme or reason, or so much as a 'by your leave', had suddenly inhabited The House On The Bluff and caused a multitude of problems.

It was not only that people were disappearing, which heightened their trepidation, but the menacing, almost threateneing manifestations it showered on the human residents, while relegating the "harmless" spiritual entities into their own inescapable prison. A prison, which was so deep within the recesses of the house, they apparently couldn't or didn't dare attempt to escape or leave.

The new entities had taken control of the Inn on Adam's Point and were bound and determined to bring everyone into its clutches. But Jacob, one of the resident spirits, did try to break the hold that bound him and his compatriots only to fail in his attempt to warn Ethan, Abigail and Tony.

After taking some of the guests to Caleb's Cove, Ethan wasn't sure how he was going to convince the remaining guests that danger still lurked at the Inn from an unknown source.


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