Animal Instinct

 by James R. Vance

Animal Instinct by James R. Vance book cover
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The discovery of the naked body of a young woman on a waste disposal site, prompts an immediate police investigation into a murder and possible rape enquiry, the responsibility of which is handed to Detective Inspector Massey. Working with a close-knit team in a town containing a number of renowned criminals he is expected to bring about a speedy conclusion to the case.

Strange evidence, D.N.A. discrepancies and other conflicting results from forensics finally lead the investigation team in an unexpected direction.

Despite a preponderance of circumstantial evidence, the prime suspect is eventually arrested and charged. Alarming revelations which involve a splinter group of the IRA complicate the situation.

Massey uncovers past misdemeanours related to the case which result in further distress for the victim's family and shocks for the investigating team.


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