Bound By Blood

 by T. C. Lotempio

Bound By Blood by T. C. Lotempio book cover
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Leigh Hartley is a reporter whose life is topsy-turvy right now. She's going through a divorce from her soap opera actor husband and her daughter, Rory, is difficult to manage. The legacy of Ravencrest seems a godsend to Leigh, and she and her daughter move there.

Meanwhile, Luke Rawlings, a reporter for the Coltonville Comet, and his editor, Rob Smithies, see a big story in two seemingly unrelated murders of redheaded women. Luke wants a chance to prove it's the work of a serial killer. He enlists the cooperation of the Police Captain, Lawrence Pike, who assigns him to the case with the Detective in charge, Paul Devlin. As Leigh, Luke and Paul work to find the "Redhead Killer," romantic sparks fly between Leigh and Paul...and the closer they come to the madman, the more Leigh begins to realize that his next victim may be someone very close to her...her own daughter!

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