Cheating Death

 by Judy Reveal

Cheating Death by Judy Reveal book cover
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Just as recently divorced Lindsey Gale begins to bring balance into her personal life, she discovers that her new role as publisher of the Greensboro Press is anything but stable. Lindsey is asked to investigate the death of a friend who had been staying at The Writers" Bloc, a writers" retreat located on Maryland"s rustic Eastern Shore.

Lindsey reluctantly takes on the assignment and soon finds herself face to face with the retreat"s reclusive owner and noted author, Odious Clay. With the help of Conrad Trent, her managing editor and closest confidant, she digs into the background of the retreat, Odious Clay and the eclectic group of residents and attendees and soon finds herself facing a publisher"s greatest nightmare -- plagiarism peppered with a dash of murder.


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