Children of the State

 by Nicia Aiyetoro

Children of the State by Nicia Aiyetoro book cover
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Two teenage girls were toughened by a life of hardship and left to be raised by the state. They find safety in a group home and all is well...until Antonio Castiglione, a Chicago mafia kingpen, is viciously attacked. Antonio's quest for revenge eventually leads him straight to the girls, and only one person may be able to save them...

Saraya Bonnet and Emilio Juarez are two of the top FBI agents in their field. With no choice but to work undercover as husband and wife at the group home where the girls live, they will be forced to take a walk in their shoes. The journey will endear them to the girls' laughter as well as their pain but it will also become a race against time, to keep Antonio from deciding who lives and who dies.


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