Die Smiling

 by Linda Ladd

Die Smiling by Linda Ladd book cover
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The Girl Next Door... A woman's nude body hangs spread eagled, riddled with bullet holes. Someone has used her for target practice, a twisted killer brazen enough to leave their calling card smack in the middle of the sheriff's shooting range. For Missouri homicide detective Claire Morgan, it's a wake-up call unlike any she's ever faced...

Just Happens To Be... Mere hours into the investigation, Claire and her partner, Bud, find themselves face-to-face, and gun-to-gun with a fleet of Feds who have been following a trail of bodies across the country. The only thing the victims had in common is the fact that they all purchased handguns at the same sporting-goods chain. Then Claire discovers two sisters who bring new meaning to strange relationships...

A Cold-Blooded Killer... They couldn't be more different: the pampered princess and the misfit who always falls short of her "perfect sibling". Now, one of them has snapped, dominating her sister and taking sadistic pleasure from the terror she can evoke in the eyes of innocent strangers. But which sister is the bad seed? The wrong guess could cost Claire everything...

"One of the most creepy, crawly and compelling psychological thrillers ever. " - Fresh Fiction on Dark Places


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