Search Angel

 by Mark Nykanen

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Suzanne Trayle is a "Search Angel" whose success in tracking down and reuniting birth mothers and their children has earned her national fame as "The Orphan's Private Eye." In this nail-biting novel of suspense, she is pulled into a different and altogether more dangerous search. To protect the safety of her birth mothers, she comes up against a terrifying killer who calls himself The Searcher, a serial killer who targets birth mothers. The Searcher uses Suzanne's weakest point against her: Suzanne herself is a birth mother who never succeeded in finding her own son, and the Searcher not only locates him, but uses his safety as leverage against her. Suzanne's only hope is in laying a trap for the killer, and she does so by assuming the identity of one of her birth mothers, hiding out in a remote mountain home. Identities shift as The Searcher closes in on her, and the stakes of the game rise. To survive will require not only cunning to match the killer's, but the ability to rise above her own deepest fears and regrets. Combining a compelling, deeply sympathetic heroine and a fiendishly original villain, SEARCH ANGEL is wickedly ingenious and page-turning to the end.

Author's Comments:

Search Angel was a harrowing novel for me to write. “The Searcher” came from a place I’d never known and, like Ashley Stassler, he brooked little interference from me. I consider this novel to contain some of the fiercest passages I’ve ever written. If you found either HUSH or The Bone Parade too much for your sensibilities, stay away from Search Angel. But if want an uncompromisingly dark story, by all means open the book.

"Nykanen is a master of knowing what scares us deep down...Words have power, and Nykanen knows their secrets. He knows how to take those marks on a page and shape them into something deliciously horrible." - Salem Statesman Journal


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