The Hearts of Horror

 by Martene Laramie

The Hearts of Horror by Martene Laramie book cover
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The Hearts of Horror is a story about Erica Seer, who from the early age of twelve has been afflicted with premonitions. Erica sees actual crimes before and sometimes as they occur. So accurate and strong are her premonitions that she is drawn to them. Learning the martial art of Tai Chi Chuan allows her to gain some control over her intuition, however she only feels relief when she intervenes. It seems only natural for her to become a psychic detective with the local precinct.

Erica can feel that hate is growing around her, but does not understand its implications until she has a premonition that her parents and best friend Sara are murdered. Rushing home she discovers that it is true, but she is too late. Barely alive, Sara implores Erica to assume her identity, for Erica's own protection. She obeys Sara's last request and goes into hiding with help from Detective Paul Connelly and Sara's parents. Erica soon finds herself face to face with a new life and love. When she can no longer ignore her visions "pull" she becomes a vigilante rescuing the victims. As time passes, she grows into a legend of sorts a ghost with a mysterious birth, life and death. However, her past haunts her as does the murderers hateful searching gray eyes.


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