Doctor Syn

 by Russell Thorndike

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Russell Thorndike's Dr. Syn: A Tale of the Romney Marsh is back in print again in our new e-edition! In this thrilling masterpiece, Imogene and Denis, two star-crossed lovers, find themselves caught between deadly forces when the King's men occupy their village, determined to root out and execute the smugglers said to operate through the near-by marshes. With the smugglers silencing permanently anyone who might chance upon their secret, and the King's men torturing anyone they suspect might know that secret, Imogine and Denis have only one loyal friend they can turn to - the town's kindly, soft-spoken vicar, Dr. Syn. But Syn is more than a name, for the good divine is in reality the infamous pirate, Captain Clegg, believed to have been hanged ten years earlier. Moreover, he is also the leader of the local smugglers, a fearsome figure when he rides through the night glowing with phosphorous, disguised as the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh. Only now, when he rides, Dr. Syn rides for good - using the gold he earns as a smuggler to ease the burdens of the villagers, who have been taxed into poverty by the King to support his lavish lifestyle. What Imogine does not suspect is that she is the daughter of Captain Clegg - the man who is at once the worst villain and greatest hero alive. To protect Imogine from disgrace, outride the King's men, avoid discovery as Captain Clegg, rescue members of his band captured by the enemy, avoid being unmasked as the Scarecrow, and generally buckle a swash when it's needed, and unite the two lovers at the end, Dr. Syn will need all his cleverness, physical prowess and a bit of help from the good Lord in whom he has come to believe. Filmed in the 1930's with George Arliss as Dr. Syn, and in the 1960's as The Night Creatures (AKA Captain Clegg) with Peter Cushing in the title role, this hard-to-find book is a must-read for anyone who ever trilled to the adventures of The Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro and Captain Blood.


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