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The Timeweavers

The Timeweavers book cover

A race called the Time Weavers crashed on Earth, stranded and cut off from their home world. They lived, loved and died there and the legend of King Arthur was born...


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Price: £8.99

The Town Of Halpert

The Town Of Halpert book cover

The historical town of Halpert, New Hampshire, is as quiet and as quaint a town as you will find anywhere in New England. But, like most towns its age, Halpert...


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Price: £4.59

The Transposed Man: The Classic of Espionage in Space

The Transposed Man: The Classic of Espionage in Space book cover

The SF Classic of a Futuristic 007! He stole men's bodies to betray their minds. No matter where he was, and no matter whose body he happened to be inhabiting...


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Price: £2.99

The Trial Of Gesh

The Trial Of Gesh book cover

Los Angeles drug dealer, Tyler Jensen, continues his quest to find a life within the Universe after his transformation into an ethereal agent of destruction...


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Price: £0.60

The Ultimate Weapon

The Ultimate Weapon book cover

Mirans are desperate to escape their volatile home-world and bring a gigantic fleet to conquer Earth. Gresth Gkae leads the attack force in which each of their hundreds...


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Price: £3.49

The Unearthed

The Unearthed book cover

You cannot forever keep buried what waits to be unearthed. Three years ago, a father, mother, and son murdered each other in what would become known as the... Today, the Ross


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Price: £3.39

The Untamed

The Untamed book cover

The Untamed by Max Brand is about a larger-than-life hero and the wrath of that hero. In it, a young cowboy, Dan Barry, comes of age while...


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Price: £2.99

The Upside of Prejudice

The Upside of Prejudice book cover

In this fast paced action story, crime,corruption and violence threaten peace in the new South Africa, but there is hope, Dale and Bongani's story proves it...


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Price: £7.99

The Usurpers: A Classic of Alien Invasion

The Usurpers: A Classic of Alien Invasion book cover

1950s Pulp Alien Invasion Shocker Too Intense for Book Publication! When The Usurpers first appeared in the magazine Imagination during the early 1950s Nebula...


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Price: £2.99

The Vampire Family

The Vampire Family book cover

Sadistic? Check. Domination? Check. Happiness? Not for all. Antonio Welshire accepts the mysterious Mestiphles' offer for vampiric power, but fails to consider...


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Price: £3.59

The Villa Dog

The Villa Dog book cover

Nestled away amongst the olive groves of the Tuscan hillside stands a welcoming villa where a dedicated dog finds his way into the hearts of vacationing families...


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Price: £1.19

The Visitor

The Visitor book cover

Shape shifter or clone? Which has returned Rebecca Tierney's husband's body to her nine months after he was cremated? THE VISITOR is a modern day gothic with a sci-fi...


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Price: £2.89

The Waterway

The Waterway book cover

Detective Sergeant Timothy Wallace stumbles across a body washed ashore at an English seaside town. When murder appears to be the cause of death, suspicion falls on Nicole...


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Price: £13.99

The Weaver

The Weaver book cover

Marcus Bradley has a gift...he can see the future. But, like all great gifts, it comes with an even greater price. The events he can see always end in murder...


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Price: £4.19

The Werewolf Of Paris

The Werewolf Of Paris book cover

From the 1920s-era framing story, to the story of the bitter feud between the Pitamonts and Pitavals, to Bertrand's conception as a result of rape and his destructive...


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Price: £1.79

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz book cover

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a children's novel written by L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W.W. Denslow. It was originally published by the George M. Hill Company...





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