Werewolf Tagged eBooks

These ebooks have all been tagged with the word werewolf to enable you to locate relevant information quickly on this site.

Albrim's Curse

Albrim's Curse book cover

All young Albrim wanted to be was a master bowman like his father. Then a savage attack on his home cost him his family, his arm, and his humanity - all at once...


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Price: £2.89


Snarl book cover

Chev Worke thought he had found a path to easy money. It was quite simple, really: sacrifice Christmas with his family and drive his truck across the country on...


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Price: £5.99

The Change, Book Two, Heritage of Horror Series

The Change, Book Two, Heritage of Horror Series book cover

Although sixteen-year-old Hannah Gray hates nearly everything about her pioneer life on the Kansas prairie, becoming a werewolf is the absolute worst. Each night she...


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Price: £2.59

The Werewolf Of Paris

The Werewolf Of Paris book cover

From the 1920s-era framing story, to the story of the bitter feud between the Pitamonts and Pitavals, to Bertrand's conception as a result of rape and his destructive...


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Price: £1.79

Wolf In The Garden

Wolf In The Garden book cover

In Colonial America, two lovers find themselves at the center of a series of bizarre and horrifying events. Here is a marvelous werewolf thriller set in upstate...


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Price: £2.99