A Time to Die

 by Beverly Barton

A Time to Die by Beverly Barton book cover
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Covering her first big story, reporter Lexie Murrough is caught in a shoot-out between African mercenaries and undercover Special Forces agents.

A stray bullet from commando Deke Bronson's gun leaves her paralysed. Ten years later, Lexie has worked hard to bring herself back from the brink. But it could be for nothing when she becomes the target of a psychopath. Lexie needs a bodyguard. Now with a private agency, Deke is assigned to protect the woman he's never forgotten. He sees that the threats are the work of an organised terrorist group and that everything ties in to the events of ten years ago.

As Lexie's terrifying stalker gets closer, it's time to ask for Lexie's forgiveness - and save her life.

A time for mercy... A time for vengeance


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