Killer Focus

 by Fiona Brand

Killer Focus by Fiona Brand book cover
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When the line between crime and justice blurs...

Her trust in her protectors shattered, Taylor Jones strikes out on her own to find out why someone powerful enough to circumvent the Witness Security Programme wants her dead. She was almost enjoying her quiet new life with a nice, normal guy courtesy of a new identity. Then her next-door neighbour turned up dead, a stray bullet barely missed her, and a former FBI agent knew she was right in the line of fire. Soon Taylor discovers a chilling connection between the South American cocaine trade, terrorism and a secretive cabal that began with the fall of Nazi Germany...whose influence reaches all the way to the White House.

But even more frightening, she suspects her nice, normal guy may be at the centre of it all...

A rare and potent mixture of adventure, mystery and passion that shouldn't be missed.

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