Last Heartbeat

 by Robert Louis DiGiacomo

Last Heartbeat by Robert Louis DiGiacomo book cover
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The Last Heartbeat is a fast moving tale that explores some controversial topics while treating the reader to an exciting thriller jam-packed with deception, intrigue and suspense.

When an illegal raid by the DEA on a suspected drug trafficker goes terribly wrong, it unleashes a torrent of attacks on the nation. No segment of the population is immune from the terror, and government agents seem powerless to stop it.

An elaborate scheme of retribution by narco-terrorists using one of the most dangerous substances on earth plunges the country into panic. The deadly substance kills or injures thousands as it finds its way into the environment. The very heart of the country's political system comes under assault while at the same time, the nation's food supply is put in jeopardy.

Even with some of the sharpest minds in the country working on the investigation, the authorities are baffled. The attacks continue with the investigators always a step or two behind the conspirators. Then frustration turns into inaction as petty jealousies and turf wars begin to hamper the investigation.

Finally the authorities close in on the perpetrators, and when all is thought to be over, a new threat emerges - this time more deadly than the last


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