Latent Hazard

 by Piers Venmore-Rowland

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A resourceful terrorist group watched as the lightly regulated British banking sector crashed. However, their attention was focused on another industry where the regulations were also no longer fit for purpose.

No one could have believed the intricate and complex preparations that they had methodically put in place. They were welcomed into British society, and for their part had from within, studied our ways, and with an unerring attention to detail had identified our flaws and weaknesses, which in our complacency and greed we choose to ignore. Vengeful and unsympathetic they regarded the West's prosperity with envy, and its actions abroad with contemptuous eyes; and slowly but surely they drew their plans against us.

A gripping plot! Highly convincing, Piers Venmore-Rowland's Latent Hazard is a high octane, fast-moving thriller. Suspense, political intrigue and an intricate plot combine to create a thoroughly riveting read.

Set against a backdrop of weakened British Government finances and nervous City markets, fund manager Rafi Khan is interrogated by MI5 (the British secret service) in connection with a terrorist bombing in the City of London. His religion and the body of evidence against him make him a prime suspect. The local police, however, have their doubts. Is Rafi Khan a highly sophisticated terrorist or has he been framed? Pressure from political masters in the Home Office is for swift and highly public justice.

The stakes multiply in a race against time, as the enormity of the terrorist plot begins to emerge. With the British way of life threatened, can Detective Inspector Kate Adams and her team make sense of the intricate puzzle?

Powerful vested interests and a web of conspiracy force the police and MI5 to hide the truth from their political masters. But as the full magnitude of the hazards facing the United Kingdom and the City of London is uncovered, necessity dictates that those on high have to be involved.

Unbeknown to the new Government, they are sleepwalking on a tightrope without a safety net - oblivious to the grave dangers. With time running out will they face the threats head on? Or will political spin and procrastination give the terrorists' skilfully planned attacks an unstoppable momentum and unleash Armageddon on an unsuspecting United Kingdom?

The author's in-depth knowledge and diligent research are used to conjure up an utterly convincing thriller, terrifying in its accuracy and remarkably topical. His combination of action and suspense is masterly.

The hazards to which we pay scant heed can all too easily become tomorrow's headlines. Latent Hazard stands out as the thinking person's action and suspense thriller.


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